Armin Völckers was born in 1963 in Berlin and grew up in Rio de Janeiro. From 1983-88 he studied Visual Arts at the UdK Berlin.

He has exhibited mostly in Germany, namely at Janine Bean Gallery (Berlin), Galerie Lake (Oldenburg), culture matters (Hannover), Galerie Schimming (Hamburg), Karokabinett (Giovanni Castell, Hamburg), Galerie Anne Moerchen (Hamburg), Galerie Claudia Brandt (Munich), Fine Arts Rafael Vostell (Berlin), Galerie am Savignyplatz (Berlin), Schering Kunstverein (Berlin), Abriss Galerie (Hamburg), Galerie Vorsetzen (Hamburg), Kunsthalle Berlin, St. Emmaus Church in Kassel and with Claudia Hart @ Friedhofsmuseum (Berlin).

Armin Völckers’ paintings are owned by The World Bank (Washington DC), Hypovereinsbank (UniCredit), Schering AG (Berlin), Sir Paul McCartney, Patricia Highsmith (Estate)

Since 1997, Armin Völckers has also worked as a screenwriter, film director and producer of animated series for children. His debut feature film „Leroy“ won the German Film Prize (Lola) for “Best Children’s Film” and “Best Musical Score”. Armin Völckers was a member of the German Film Academy until 2017.